Bedside Attendant

Bedside Attendant Our Certified Bedside Attendants provide round-the-clock care for people of all ages-from infants to children and adults-recovering from an injury or recuperating from an illness. They are trained in all the relevant medical procedures involved in the care of bed-ridden patients. They are experienced in providing assistance with all Activities-of-Daily-Living (ADL) including personal care, bathing assistance and mobility assistance to elderly people and post-operative patients.

Avail The Services Of Our Bedside Attendants For The Following

 Round-the clock care for bed-ridden patients
 Monitoring of vital signs ( Pulse/BP/Blood sugar/ Pulse oximeter/ temperature)
 Assistance in personal hygiene
 Bowel & Motion care
 Assistance in Mobility & Ambulation
 Support in end-of-life care
 Assistance to care of special needs children
 Accompanied hospital visits
 Doula service (Basic care of pregnant woman, mother & new born)

Reasons You Will Love Our Bedside Attendants

  •  They are trained in basic patient care (100 hrs) by senior nurses (more than 15+ years of experience), Majority of them are certified as home health aid(HHA) by skill council of India(govt of India)
  •  All our BSPA are police verified. We can also share reference letter copy with you
  •  They are medically screened for latent TB and immunized for hepatitis B which is very common in Asians. We also provide a Fitness certificate from a practicing doctor
  •  They visit you in uniform and are well groomed which enhances their hygiene and discipline. They follow WHO hand washing practice. Our BSPA comes with a kit like Hand sanitizer/hand glove , liquid soap , Tissue , Gloves , Injection Kit (if required).
  •  Our staff shall carry their own meal. You don't have to provide meal to them
  •  All our staff is in-house employed and are given residential facilities from the company which helps us to ensure that continuity on your care is guaranteed
  •  They carry ID card on duty
  •  Quality of service given to you is audited in every 15 days. You shall be informed prior to the audit
  •  All our BSPA staff is comfortable in hindi are minimum10+2 pass
  •  Our BSPA are well trained to maintain vital statistics, intake output, patient care sheet which can be shared with doctors.
  •  We also have an Online EHR system to record and upload the above data for sharing and future usage.
  •  Our BSPA are specially trained for baby care, doula service and geriatric care.
  •  We provide pick and drop facilities to our BSPA to ensure best service.

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