Home Nursing Services

Home Nursing Services Our teams of specialist nurses are experienced in a wide range of clinical areas starting from simple injections to highly complex & sophisticated nursing procedures. They provide care to the patients who are recently discharged from hospital or patients who don't need to be hospitalized, but require nursing services at home. Once you book your appointment, our team will contact you to understand your care needs and the appropriate nursing procedures to be carried out.
We will also check your medical records and try to liaise with your doctor to design a personalized care plan suited to your requirements.

Nursing Services We Offer

 Vital signs monitoring ( BP/Blood Sugar/ Pulse oximeter)
 Wound care and dressing
 Cannulation & IV therapy
 Ryles tube insertion & Feeding
 Enema & Bowel wash
 Blood sample collection
 Suture removal
 Post operative care
 Pre & Post delivery care
 Geriatric Care
 Lactation Consultation & Breast Feeding guidance
 New born & baby care
 Cancer care & Palliative support
 Insulin pump & Insulin therapy
 Advanced Diabetes care ( Diet & Nutrition counselling/ foot care/ Injection technique/continuous glucose monitoring system/ Annual check-ups)
 Dialysis support (PD)
 Tracheostomy care & Suction
 Stoma care
 Patient Counselling & Education

15 Reasons Why You Will Love Our Nursing Services

  •  All our nurses are police verified. We can also share reference letter copy with you so that you can be assured about      security
  •  They are medically screened for latent TB and immunized for hepatitis B which is very common in Asians. We also       provide a Fitness certificate from a practicing doctor
  •  All nurses have experience from hospitals which ensures that they are well versed to handle patients
  •  We follow standard medication policy.
    For Eg. Expiry Date is always read and communicated to patients before giving all kind of medication
  •  Our staff shall carry their own meal. You don't have to provide meal to them
  •  All our staff is in-house employed and are given residential facilities from the company which ensure continuity of care
  •  They carry ID card on duty
  •  They visit you in uniform which enhances their hygiene and discipline. They follow WHO hand washing practice. Our Nurses come with a kit like Hand sanitizer/hand glove , liquid soap , Tissue , Gloves , Injection Kit (if required) .
  •  All our nursing staff is comfortable in English and hindi
  •  Our nurses have been serving, diplomats, patients from renowned hospitals, politicians and other eminent people so that you can be assured about their social etiquettes.
  •  As per our SLA, it is the organization which bears the responsibility and not the nurse for quality. You shall have dedicated relationship manager dedicated to you for any query.
  •  Our Nurses are well trained to maintain vital status, intake output, medication chart and daily nurses note which can be shared with doctors.
  •  We also have an Online EHR system to record and upload the above data for sharing and future usage.
  •  At the end of the service we can provide care summary for further referral and consultation.

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