About-Us/Why Mycareline

Some of the key highlights of our services include:

Patient-Centric Care Management -

MyCareline is led by a team of medical experts who understand the requirements & sensitivity of personalised home health care needed by the patients.

Ease of access -

We bring the medical expertise, technology and personalized care services together with a single call to MyCareline (7053424242).

Safety of the patients -

All our staff are medically screened for infectious diseases like TB and are police verified to ensure safety of patients.

Training & Quality Assurance -

Our staff go through rigorous induction & continuous training program that focuses on technical as well as soft skills. We have a dedicated quality assurance team which believes in "customer delight" & takes regular feedback from all the patients to deliver best possible quality of care.

Round the clock health monitoring -

24/7,360 degree health monitoring by healthcare professionals using our secure & advanced IT and telecom systems.

Dedicated Health Managers -

MyCareline will appoint dedicated relationship manager to liaise with ISIC and the doctors regarding the patient care.

Complete care logistics -

At the time of discharge from the hospital, MyCareline staff will take "handover" of the patient from the care team of the hospital. Back & forth transportation of patients after discharge and for routine check-ups at the hospital will also be arranged. Our trained health workers can also accompany patients during hospital visits.

Continuity of Care forHospital patients -

Once discharged from the hospital, patients continue to get the same level of highly personalized care for as long as required. With seamless continuity of care, patients feel well looked after and are more likely to adhere to the treatment plan and recovery process.

EHR & Documentation -

Free electronic health records with care summary. All patient interactions are documented in the system. Patients can easily upload their prescriptions by logging into the MyCareline portal. Designated staff at the Hospital may be provided with care summary of the patients at regular intervals, with the patients' consent.
Automated Reminders - Patients registered with MyCareline get automatic alerts and reminders about their medications, blood tests and hospital review appointments etc.
 We bring you the medical expertise, technology and personalized care services together with a single call to MyCareline (7053-424242)

 Online Appointment System

 24x7, 360 degree health monitoring

 Free Counselling about your health problems

 Regular alerts and reminders about your medication & blood tests

 All patient interactions are documented in electronic health records

 Our Careline services are highly acclaimed and appreciated

 All our healthcare workers are verified to ensure the safety of our patients